Go For Broke Association



The Shoulder Patch symbolizes the crusading spirit of the men who chose the design depicting the flaming torch of liberty held high.  This signifies their willingness to take up arms for the defense of all people regardless of race or color.


The Crest comprises the shield and the motto "Go For Broke" which means "Give your all or give everything you've got". The taro leaf which comes from the coat of arms of the 100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) identifies Hawai'i.  The Steamboat symbolizes the place of activation of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team - Camp Shelby, Mississippi.






Mr. Sean Lee
COL (Ret.)

Served in the 100/442 from 1992-2000 as a Commander for Delta Company.

Mr. Alvin Au
COL (Ret.)

Served in the 100/442 in 1977 to 1980 after a period of active duty & retired from the reserve in 1999.

Mr. Arthur Delos Santos


CSM (Ret.)

Served in the 100/442 from 1970-1991, culminating his career as the Battalion’s Command Sergeant Major.

Mr. Ronald Nakano


LTC (Ret.)

Served with the 100/442 from 1971-1981 after a period of active duty.

Mr. Calvin Nomiyama
COL (Ret.)
Served in the 100/442 in 1971. Served in various positions till 1987 as Combat Support Company Commander. 

Mr. Andy Tamori
Joined the 100/442 in 1964, activated with the unit in 1968.

Mr. Jimmy John Kaaihue


SSG (Ret.)

Served in the 100/442 from 1983 and Retired in 2016. Served in various position in the Combat Support Company to Battalion S1 also managed as Staff Adminitrator Assistant from 2008.

Mr. George Wai'ale'ale
Served with Co C 100/442 from January 1966 to December 1969 as a Como Chief.
Mr. Brian Lau
COL (Ret.)

Served in the 100/442 in 1977 after a period of active duty. Served in various positions and was HHC Commander from 1985-1986.

Mr. Henry Torres
MSG (Ret.)

Served with the 100/442 in various positions for over 30 years, which culminated as 1SG of Delta Company.

Mr. Bilan Reuban
Mr. Aaron Nakashima
SFC (Ret.)

Served in the 100/442 1974 and served in various squad and platoon level leadership positions.

Mr. Mark Young
SSG (Ret.)
Retired in 2013 and served in the 100/442 in many key positions from Supply to managing the Battalion as Senior Supervisory Advisor in Civilian Service position.